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Thursday, July 16, 2009

sightseeing bike tours cycling holidays tripadvisor Italy rental bike services padua treviso venice lagoon travel padova guide

Hire our Gentlemen bike model from 12 euro/day
(price variable under personalization of hire services)
available 70 Litres Ferrino trekking bags for your rent
(that can be used as backpack)

Hire our Ladies bike model from 12 euro/day
(price variable under personalization of hire services)
available 35 Litres Ferrino trekking bags for your rent

more info
delivery bike at your b&b/railway/start point itinerary

Our Bikes are in compliance with European standards EN14766

The bicycles and cycling was a passion that has accompanied my life, since the first years. A passion which today has become an emerging business plan. The provinces of Venice, Treviso and Padua live by tourism.
naturalistic and architectural itineraries it’s today a very attractives for the international tourism.

Coming to my home I have see a car from Holland, with the following bikes and I asked me why in venezia, padova and treviso don't exist a bike rental service ?

Hence I have created first custom bicycles rental services

The service has been indexed by the search engines in over 10 languages and has hundreds of visits a day, and is set to the "conversation".

The client in fact talking with our staff and can define routes, understand their exigences and how optimize his bicycle tour with best economically solution.

some services provided:
the possibility to rent bicycles for several days
return bike until 11 pm
the bike pick-up delivery and return of bikes will be at your hotel or at the start point route cycling itinerary or at bus/railway stations without limitation (Venetian Riviera and islands with antique villas and old canals, Padova, Treviso regions, and also more)
road and mechanical assistance agreement for cycling tourism in the Veneto region
sale and rental of complementary products for tourism and for bike excursions
electric bicycle charge point (with your 220v battery charger)
we can advise map cycling tracks
cycling holidays trip advisor

on demand trekking bags on your bike

Rent our services, it’s easy
send your free estimate cost request
quality customer service

booking and quality customer service
+39 346 847 1141
talk with Mr. Gennaro

skype : (venice, Italy)
rental bike services and sporting guide on the road

Service de location des vélos
Vélos livrable et ramassage de retour des vélos à la station de bus, les gares ou à votre b & b / hôtel (disponible avec un prix modique). Sightseeing Tours guidés et itinéraires sur Pellestrina ancienne île de Venise (unique à Venise pour les cyclistes), sur la Riviera avec les villas vénitiennes, dans les collines de Prosecco, dans le Venetian WWF Oasi Valley Averto, Padoue et Trévise régions itinéraires sportifs avec le support de guide sur la route.
Service Fahrradverleih

Fahrräder lieferbar und Sammeln für die Rückkehr von Fahrrädern an der Busstation, die Bahnhöfen oder in Ihrem B & B / Hotel (mit einem guten Preis). Sightseeing Touren und Führungen auf der ehemaligen Insel Pellestrina Venedig (nur in Venedig für Radfahrer), an der Riviera mit venezianischen Villen, in den Hügeln von Prosecco im Venetian WWF Oasi Valley Averto, Padua und Treviso Regionen Routen Sportler mit dem Führer auf der Straße.

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the price list (price variable under personalization of hire services)
12 euro/day/bike (pick up and return delivery until 8pm closing time at my garage)

5 euro/bike additional price for your return bike delivery at my garage after 8pm closing time until 11 pm (or 24 hours rental service)

5 euro/bike additional price for delivery and return delivery bike at your b&b / hotels at riviera del brenta hotels

8 euro/bike additional price for delivery and return bike with our mobile staff at bus/railway station of Treviso

8 euro/bike additional price for delivery and return bike with our mobile staff at bus/railway station of Padova

3 euro/bike additional price for trekking bags installation (40-60L) for whole rental period.

Feel free to ask free estimate cost for bike pick up custom delivery destinations (your hotel/b&b/start itinerary)
For long rental period days we make a discount.
Payment at start rental bike (delivery pick up bike rental services)
Advance e mail booking required.

Nature Itineraries

"Dove l’animo stanco dalle agitazioni in Città può ristorarsi e facilmente conseguire quella beata vita che quaggiù si può ottenere"...Andrea Palladio.

Regenerate your mind pedaling between art and nature! Riviera del Brenta: A Green River!

Rent a bicycle for short-and long periods
Bicycles in compliance with European standards EN14766
Delivery pick up of the bike at the 'hotel / b & b / railway station or
start point of the route.
Mechanical Cycling Road Assistance
electric bike Charging point
Bicycles equipped by trekking bags
Custom itineraries, from the easy biking to the most hard itineraries.
Sightseeing bike tours itineraries on Islands Venetian Lagoon, Venetian Villas,
hills of Prosecco, WWF Oasi Valley Averto, Padova and Treviso regions itineraries
with our sporting support guide

an review from our customer .......
I have a trip planned for tomorrow to Verona, and will need to leave early around 9 in the morning. If you can't pick it up until later I will leave the bike locked in front of the Duca dAosta Hotel and you can just ask the person at the front desk for the key. The bike is good and has been great! I took it on several long rides. Thank you very much for the rental!
Jonathan from Portland


I have know this rental bike services company with tripadvisor. Before the fly to Venice I have send my e-mail request to this friendly shop service company. I have received free estimate costs (economically) for rent 2 bikes and I have confirm the rent with an e-mail. (the price it's variable if you take the bikes for several days). I have paid the services at the moment of start rental services, at delivery of bikes. This company delivered the bikes at the start point of itinerary and can deliver at your hotel/b&b. I have request the best itinerary. The rental bike shop have advise me the best itineraries for know the Venice, Padova and Treviso regions with bicycle. In 3 days I have know Venice, Padova and Treviso regions. In the first day I have know Villa Pisani (with fresco Palladio) at Stra. I returned from Stra to Dolo, was the Friday and I have know the big open air market and old watermill, and I have eaten the italian food on little restaurant at riviera of Brenta river. I have drink fresh milk at riviera bosco piccolo and close my day calling the company that at end of my itinerary at 22 pm that have withdrew the bikes. In the second day the rental bike shop delivered the bikes at bus station of Padua, I have know Padova with old churchs, Sant'Antonio church. In the third day the company delivered the bike at bus station of Treviso. And I have know this last small town and his villas. In the last day I was tired and the company have withdrew the bike before the time at the point that I have indicate. the best complete services for rent the bikes.....
Nadine from Paris


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